April 30, 2006

Recipe: Butterbeer!

What is this mysterious drink that child witches & child wizards drink? They occasionally are mentioned to have a lowered sense of judgment & an increased chance of snogging as a result of this perhaps mild magical intoxicant, as witnessed in J.K. Rowling's "Half-blood Prince" installment of the popular Harry Potter series. Ms Jenny Ruth Crawford had a revelation at seven in the morning two days ago, to mix one shot of butterscotch schnapps into a New Belgium 1554 Black Ale. Since then, I have done little else but sit in the spring sun on my balcony over Doolaga, & drink heavy amounts. It has left my judgment relatively unimpared, no snoggings have resulted, but, I must report, this perhaps mild magical intoxicant has produced a minimal "hangover". I assume that there is some way to actually brew a low-alcohol buttery ale, but until this reaches a popular market availabity, I offer this as today's recommendation.

Ideas: "Firewhiskey", which Hermione won't let Ron order at the Three Broomsticks?
Maybe add a dot of Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce into a scotch-on-the-rocks?
Or dissolve a cinnamon candy into a double shot of Jim Beam?


Some song you don’t have to talk about; they just say it all:
“Mama get the hammer, there’s a fly on baby’s head.”

-Bob Dylan, on his new radio show, “Theme Time Radio Hour,” introducing a song by the Bobby Peterson Quartet.

Nobody should be playing rock & roll anymore - no exceptions. It’s about as urgently needed - as opposed to socially, culturally compulsory - as making papier-mache frog masks. It was possibly once needed, but that was before it was everywhere - when you didn’t hear it in supermarkets or coming out of every Mercedes at a stoplight - before ‘rock-surround’. What we need now is to turn it off. What was once liberating has become irredeemably oppressive. It exists to make you stupid - like sitcoms or the news or college football or your parents, for crying out loud.
-Richard Meltzer, critic, 1998

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-posted on the Mugglenet Wall-of-Shame (bizarre & embarrassing e-mails sent to the Harry Potter fan site)
Also, there is a disgusting-sounding recipe for a non-alcoholic butterbeer at Mugglenet

UPDATE: There's an essay about the booze in Harry Potter, written after the Half-Blood Prince movie, HERE.

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Anonymous said...

i strongly recommend this recipe for butterbeer. the firewhiskey was too powerful for me. i admit that i usually prefer sweet things to burning hot things.