April 03, 2006

Quotes: Empire of Art

“Suddenly a strain of notes burst out
Like water splattering out of a fallen vase

Or horsemen riding among a forest of spears

She struck the four strings all at once

As if the silk curtains were ripped with great force.”

-Bai Juyi (772-846 AD), “The Pipa Song”, Tang Dynasty

“Listening is the most dangerous thing of all, listening means knowing, finding out about something & knowing what’s going on, our ears don’t have lids that can instinctively close against the words uttered, they can’t hide from what they sense they’re about to hear, it’s always too late. It isn’t just that Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth, it’s above all that she’s aware that he’s committed a murder from the moment he has done so, she’s heard from her husband’s own lips, on his return: ‘I have done the deed’.”
-Javier Marías, A Heart So White (1992), trans. Margaret Jull Costa

The coast's determined, the mountains do not move;
Natural harbors and clear springs I find,
Shade trees and fruit trees, everything of its kind--

Even for an empire more resources than enough.”

-Elizabeth Bishop, Washington as a Surveyor (sonnet crossed out in her notebook).

“Ms. Vendler writes of one such poem, ‘Washington as a Surveyor, that it is ‘a rhythmically awkward and semantically inert Petrarchan sonnet.’ Making its publication ‘reprehensible,’ Ms. Vendler says, is the fact that Bishop had crossed out the entire poem in her notebooks. ‘Maybe it should have been printed in The New Yorker entirely crossed out,’ she writes.”
-Motoko Rich, “New Elizabeth Bishop Book Sparks a Controversy”, New York Times, April 1st, 2006

“I don't save my drafts, I just press delete, so the early work just vanishes into cyber void.
A motto I've adopted is, if at first you don't succeed, hide all evidence you ever tried."
-Billy Collins (former U.S. poet laureate), ibid.

“No question that the enemy has tried to spread sectarian violence.
They use violence as a tool to do that."
-George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., March 22, 2006

“The foundation of empire is art and science.
Remove them or degrade them, and the empire is no more.
Empire follows art and not vice versa as Englishmen suppose.”
-William Blake

“The United States is unique because we are an empire of ideals.”
-Ronald Reagan


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