March 26, 2006

Quotes: The Permanent War Economy

“Soon we’ll be sliding down the razor blade of life.”
–Tom Lehrer, An Evening Wasted

"Recently, more establishment evangelical groups, especially the National Association of Evangelicals, also began to speak up on the issue of creation care. Leading the way was Rich Cizik, NA
E Vice President for Governmental Affairs, who, on issues like environmental concern and global poverty reduction, began to sound like the biblical prophet Amos. Cizik and NAE President Ted Haggard, a megachurch pastor in Colorado Springs, were attending critical seminars on the environment and climate change in particular and describing their experiences of epiphany and conversion on the issue. Cizik was quoted by The New York Times as saying, 'I don't think God is going to ask us how he created the earth, but he will ask us what we did with what he created.' In 2004, the NAE adopted a new policy statement, 'For the Health of the Nation: An Evangelical Call to Civic Responsibility,' which included a principle titled 'We labor to protect God's creation'."
-Jim Wallis, “The Religious Right is Losing Control”, Sojourners, March 22nd, 2006

“You hear this constant refrain from our critics that Democrats don’t stand for anything. That’s really unfair. We do stand for anything.”
-Barack Obama, D-Ill.

“You know, a man came up to me the other day & said, Doodles, your hair is getting thin.
And I said to him, Well, who wants fat hair!?”
-Doodles Weaver, "The Man on the Flying Trapese"

“With the establishment of self-contained economies, in which production and consumption are geared to one another, the scramble for markets which was a main cause of previous wars has come to an end, while the competition for raw materials is no longer a matter of life and death.”
-George Orwell, prophetically in 1984 (1949), II.ix

“Hold on for a second, please. Excuse me. Excuse me. No president wants war. Everything you may have heard is that, but it's just simply not true.”
-George Bush, 21 March, 2006 (at a press conference, being interrupted by Helen Thomas)

Yo momma's got a wooden leg with a real foot.”
–Garrison Keillor

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