March 22, 2006

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In the new movie, Walk the Line, Reece Witherspoon plays June Carter, and Joaquin Phoenix plays Johnny Cash. It's a tale of youth pursued through adulthood (Cash), and Joaquin Phoenix sings as Cash throughout the movie (Reece Witherspoon sings as Carter, too, with a southern drawl).

The Carter family is portrayed as level-headed in the few scenes they enter, in contrast with the fire between Cash & his father. In one memorable scene, after a Thanksgiving dinner gone sour at Johnny's new home, as Johnny Cash fumbles angrily in the mud with his new tractor, and June says: I don't know what will happen if I go down there, her father memorably replies: Honey, you already are down there.

The credits are the first time that Cash and Carter's actual voices are heard, and they make it clear what the viewer has been missing all along in the movie. Joaquin Phoenix and Reece Witherspoon are good actors, and do a valiant job at singing like their characters (Phoenix has a darn low voice), but they just don't have the patience in their voices.


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Subject: Ray
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Hey man,

Have you seen Howl's Moving Castle. It's the last Miyazaki film.

I was tired of rock-star / biopics after Ray. It seemed to me there was more to his life than watching him do drugs & his wife yelling at him. It was essentially the same movie as Pollack, The Doors, Kurt Weill: A Biopic, Frida, Amadeus, & That One about the Black Painter. They're all about artists doing a lot of drugs, their wives yelling at them, & an occasional shot of someone singing & an audience digging it, or a successful art opening. Ray ended triumphantly with him quitting heroin, as if that was his crowning achievement, thirty years before his death.


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