March 27, 2006

List: Famous Non-Drivers

I’m beginning to compile a list of famous people throughout history who did not own a car.
(Feel free to add on!)

1) Charlotte Perkins Gilman (feminist, writer)
2) Muhammad (prophet)
3) C.P.E. Bach (composer, son)
4) George Sands (novelist, lover)
5) Marie Antoinette (Austrian)
6) Cheng I Sao (history’s most successful pirate, woman)
7) Ben Johnson (playwright)
8) William Brodie (respected Scotsman, murderer)
9) Confucius (famous bearded bureaucrat, brown-noser)
10) Robert E. Lee (warrior)
11) Friedrich Engels (bearded intellectual)
12) Ragnhild (Finnish Queen, philatelist)
13) Cosima Wagner (diarist, groupie)
14) William H. Bonney (The boy bandit kid, who lived as he died)
15) Gustavus III (happy at last)
16) Czar Nikolas II (father of a hemophiliac)
17) Harriett Tubman (slave, ex-slave)
18) Michaelangelo (epileptic, sculptor)
19) Edgar Allen Poe (epileptic, poet)
20) Socrates (bare-foot epileptic)
21) Niccolo Paganini (virtuosic violinist, epileptic)
22) Amerigo Vespucci (cartographer)
23) Pope Sixtus V (pope, mutilator of young boys)
24) Sayf ben Dhi Yazan (probably from Yemen)
25) Duke of Zhou (uncle, defeated the Shang at the Battle of Muye)

As you can see, quite a variety!


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MrA said...

Could we add Dostoevsky to the list? (epilectic, writer)

James Welsch said...

I was trying to keep my list free of Africans, because, well, that's just obvious.

b.w. ricker said...

he wrote a great number of songs about cars, but T-Rex's Mark Bolan, i'm told, couldn't drive one. he was killed in a car accident. his girlfriend at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Ruth Gordon, Oscar winning actress

Anonymous said...

Alfred Hitchcock (Director),
Ricky Gervais (comic/actor).

How about a few more 20th/21st century non-drivers?

James Welsch said...

Awesome. I had no idea. Please, post more modern non-drivers. And come to my 26th Birthday party in two months, where I'll be celebrating my ten year anniversary of Non-Violent Non-Driving - (Remember, cars kill more than wars.)