March 19, 2006

Chili Recipe!

Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 15:13:33 -0800 (PST)
From: "James Welsch" <>
Subject: Chili!
To: "Tomorrow Jenny" <>

Sautee/fry very hot in oil in big pot:
Onions / leeks / garlic
Green peppers, spicy peppers, whatever peppers, other vegetables?
Until the onions are translucent

Add delicious fake meat next (I like the "Smart Ground" brand),
for a minute, then turn the temperature way down.

Then add:
at least 2 cans of stewed tomatoes (keep juice)
At least three cans of beans (be creative! There’s lots of kinds of beans! drain juice!)
At least a tablespoon of brown sugar
At least a tablespoon of vinegar (try mixing whatever vinegars are around – white wine, apple cider, &c.)
Four to eight tablespoons of chili powder, or more?
Sometimes I add cock sauce to make it spicier.
That time we added a can of corn was good.
Oregano, Thyme, Cilantro (fresh, cut up without stems), Parsley, Pepper, Salt, & other fun spices, to taste.
Then let it simmer for 2-12 hours.


jenny said...

What size cans?
Also, I think you should stress that the tomatoes should be stewed rather than crushed and without the sneaky sugar and corn syrup in them. I was so sad to have to omit the secret brown sugar ingredient because it was already too sweet. Those Italian style tomatoes were good.

James Welsch said...

I was vague about how many beans, because it's worked with quite a variety of amounts. The Italian Style Stewed tomatoes have sugar & spices added, but I think as long as it's hot enough, it compliments the sweet. Really, with enough time, one could use fresh beans & fresh tomatoes, & make the whole thing organic, &c.